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Since 2004, KTC has offered a slate of offroad races designed to both challenge veteran trail runners and entice and nurture newcomers to the sport. First as the Mayors Cup Series of Off Road Racing, which for four years drew small but enthusiastic crowds of trail buffs to wonderful and oft underutilized city and county parks for races on single track trails and on grass, then as an XTerra series, the series offered anywhere from half a dozen or more venues in the Knoxville area for trail racing.

In 2008, KTC formed a Trails Committee and charged the group with presenting a comprehensive schedule of off road events to attract larger crowds and bring trail running to the forefront of running consciousness, and since then the series has expanded to more than a dozen races annually at not only city and county parks, but state parks throughout East Tennessee.

The committee presents the following schedule for the 2014 Treadin' Trodden Trails Off Road Racing Series. Our 2014 season is dedicated to our brother and fellow Trail Committee member, Kerry Trammell, who passed away on January 10, 2013.

Special Multi-Race Registration Deal — EXPIRED!

Much like the last few years, Treadin' Trodden Trails offered a multi-race discount for runners who registered ONLINE ONLY — PRIOR to the Wanderers' Trail Race — for each of the first eight races of the series. For those who chose the Dirty South Trail Half as their third race, the deal was the first eight for a mere $65. Those who wished to run the Dirty Double Trail Marathon could opt for the first eight for only $90. Where else can you have so much fun for next to nothing? Deal expired 1/17/2014.

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Wanderers' Trail Race
January 19, 2014

Kathy Smith - race director

This roughly four mile course meanders through the woods, crossing hills, dales, rocks, roots, streams, grassy knolls, and the occasional bit of asphalt.

DIRECTIONS: From Knoxville, take Pellissippi Parkway or Alcoa Highway toward McGee-Tyson airport. Past the airport, bear left toward Maryville on 35 (N. Hall Road) for 3 miles, then turn right onto 321 (Lamar Alexander Parkway). Turn left onto S. Court Street, then turn left into the Maryville College campus. Take your next two right turns, going by the baseball field, then between two football fields. Race begins and ends at the pavilion next to the College Cemetery. Or just point your new-fangled GPS device to latitude 35.749133, longitude -83.960869

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February 23, 2014

Bobby Glenn - race director

Due to treacherous trail conditions, the Dark Hollow Wallow is postponed till Sunday, February 23, at 2pm. With even heavier snowfall at Big Ridge State Park and many trees down on the trails, the safety of our participants and volunteers is of paramount importance and this decision, though regretful, is in the best interests of all concerned.

In the wooded hollows of Big Ridge State Park east of Norris near Maynardville, the 11 mile course delves into long forgotten, mud-slogged crevasses thought to be haunted by haints, demons, banshees, phantoms, and poltergeists. We will also offer a five-mile option for those who choose to spend a bit less time on the trail, although Grand Prix points will only be awarded for the longer race. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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Dirty South Trail Half and Dirty Double Trail Marathon
March 9, 2014

Leah Jones - race director

This is a fantastic opportunity to tour Knoxville's Urban Wilderness on a loop course that takes in most of the various parks and recreation areas that comprise the UW.

In the past, we've run clockwise beginning at Anderson South Head Start in South Knoxville, then running down into Hastie Natural Area, Marie Myers Park, the Ross Marble Quarry Trail system, Forks of the River, and the Helix Trail System.

This year, however, we're starting and finishing at Ijams Nature Center, allowing us a much nicer staging area protected from the elements, as well as better parking and bathroom facilities, and most importantly, the opportunity to juggle the course AGAIN, offering yet a new route to tour the fabulous Urban Wilderness. Stay tuned for details!

The marathon course will be basically the same course as the half-marathon, except the second half will be run in reverse direction. In order to go back out, runners must reach the halfway point in 3½ hours.

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I.C. King of Trails Race
April 6, 2014

Tony Owens- race director

A delightful circuit of single-track trails, the system at I.C. King Park south of Knoxville offers many miles of winding, hilly footpaths. Frequented by mountain bikers as well as runners, the area is a hidden gem just five miles south of the University of Tennessee.

The 2014 race will be limited to 100 runners, due to parking constraints and desire to not overwhelm the trail itself, and will be handicapped by age and gender.

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Panther Creek Challenge
May 17, 2014

Michael deLisle - race director

Once again the Treadin' Trodden Trails series will travel thirty-five miles northeast of Knoxville to Panther Creek State Park, a verdant and wondrous paradise of woods and lake, for an arduous romp through the forest. The main race will be about ten miles in length, and this year for the first time we will offer a five-mile option that will still present runners with a good test of their fitness, as well as offer a delightful tour of the park. Points will only accrue in the ten mile race, however.

The course will begin at the overlook in the northwest corner of the park, descend a steep singletrack, and then wind up, down, and around, in a dizzying ten-mile series of circuitous loops through the woods and along the glittering waters of the lake. Last year's fourth annual event was extremely well received and this year's promises once again to be an event not to be missed by the avid trailster.

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Lakeshore Trail Trek
June 14, 2014

Tony Owens - race director

New in 2012 was a well-received steambath of a race that traced a relatively unknown but delightful trail that snakes along the east bank of what used to be the Little Tennessee River southeast of Lenoir City. In 2013 the route changed into one of 8.2 miles, beginning in the same place, the Coytee Trailhead of the East Lakeshore Trail system, but this time heading north to Glendale and looping back around Coytee to finish at the bridge.

This time, however, we're upping the ante. The long course will become seriously long — think sixteen miles — and the short course will be as long as the long one used to. Got that? Basically, the long course will be the 2012 course PLUS the 2013 course, and the short (?) course will the just the 2012 long course. Confused? Thankfully, Tony O has already built a course map. See below. Again, only the long race will earn Grand Prix Points.

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Stalk Your Quarry Trail Race
July 13, 2014

Scott Gibson - race director

The five and ten mile courses both start in the parking lot at Ijams Nature Center in South Knoxville and will begin by winding through the lush, wooded hills behind the nature center, then explore exhilarating stretches of new singletrack, including the brand new Barnett Ridge and Ross Marble trails, that await in the Ross Marble Quarry area, then tackle Tharp's Trace clockwise. With that ordeal done, runners cross back over the road and engage more of Ijams' trail system, including a breathtaking ascent of the Tower Trail, before winding to a halt near the pavillion. The five mile option coincides with the long course, merely turning back sooner (and missing some of the best trails!) Grand Prix points awarded only for the long course. And please bear in mind our propensity for changing courses with little or no notice.

NEW for 2014! A one mile Kids Trail Race will precede the adult race. The course will traverse a clockwise "loop" through the Ijams Nature Center property and offer the youngsters a taste of the fun the grownups will be having thirty minutes later. Only five bucks for so much fun!

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Haw Ridge Trail Race
August 16, 2014

Laura Gearhiser - race director

This grand race was birthed in the early 2000s by Runners Market's Kevin Pack and bequeathed to us a few years ago. Since its inception the race has been contested at 5:30pm on the hottest Friday afternoon of the summer (TGIF!) but last year, for the first time, we changed that. No, not the 5:30 part, but the Friday part. so we moved to Saturday and — voila! — still tons of fun! Plan on maximum trail fun!

NEW for 2014! A one mile Kids Trail Race will precede the adult race. The course will traverse a clockwise "loop" through the eastern edge of Haw Ridge and offer the youngsters a taste of the fun the grownups will be having thirty minutes later. Only five bucks for so much fun!

The race will be contested along the eastern portion of the park, and although some hills present themselves, the lakeside sections of trail are not prohibitively challenging. Covering varied terrain and offering beautiful scenery, the race will be approximately seven miles in length. A course map from a past race appears here, but there's a substantial chance the course could change at least slightly. Postrace festivities typically last till dusk, with plentiful food and drink available.

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Big South Fork 17.5 Mile or 10k Trail Race
September 27, 2014

Bobby Glenn, Race Director

One of the most well-respected trail races in the east, the Big South Fork Trail Race has attracted avid trail runners from throughout the region. Since its inception in the mid-1990's, Race Director Bobby Glenn has presented a trail racing classic suitable for hardcore ultra enthusiasts as well as road runners looking for a challenging introduction to off road running.

The course starts and ends at the John Litton General Slavens Trailhead. The first 1½ miles is paved and gravel, with the balance being a single track trail. After a short paved section to exit the campground, runners will follow the gravel road out of the campground area. After about 1 mile on the gravel, runners will enter the trail and descend through the John Litton Farm to the Litton/Slavens trail. Taking a left there, they continue 2½ miles to the Grand Gap Loop. Taking a right there, they follow the 6.8 mile Grand Gap Loop, and then return the entire 5.1 miles to the trailhead via the Litton/Slavens trail. Aid stations at (roughly) 3.5, 8.5, 12, and 14 miles. Course closes in 5 hours.

New in 2012 was a 10k option, a loop course that is primarily singletrack, that will again be offered for 2014.

There is no day of race registration, so sign up early!

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Doin' That Crazy Hann Jive
October 18, 2014

Andrea Ludwig - race director

One of the main architects and benefactors of the Urban Wilderness is Brian Hann, who as President of the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club not only helped mastermind design of much of the corridor but generously allows easement to many miles of trail that ramble about his private land. With his cooperation we offer another Urban Wilderness race for 2014. Last year's inaugural run was a relatively short but delightful six mile course that twisted, turned, and meandered so many times only those who'd run there multiple times had a clue where they were. And even some of them got lost!

This year, with the addition of even more new trails in South Knoxville, we can't resist the temptation to tinker once again with this race course. Details will be announced as soon as finalized. And don't forget our unintentional but well-deserved reputation for race courses that somehow end up longer than we announce.

NEW for 2014! A one mile Kids Trail Race will precede the adult race. The course will traverse an out'n'back section of the Lost Chromosome trail and offer the youngsters a taste of the fun the grownups will be having thirty minutes later. Only five bucks for so much fun!

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Norris Dam Hard Trail Race
November 16, 2014

Chris George - race director.

Here, adjacent to the Clinch River above and below Norris Dam, many magnificent miles of trails await the avid trail runner. From the nearly level trail paralleling Lower Clear Creek, to the knee-stiffening, quad-busting grades of Ridgecrest and Lakeside, the trails in and around the Norris Municipal Watershed and Norris Dam State Park offer a challenging and rewarding array of single-track and jeep roads.

Racers can choose a single loop course, which again this year will be 25k, or a double loop option that will total 50k. The single loop sends runners along a new five mile section of trail along Norris Lake, then explores the eastern part of the watershed before returning with a heart pounding ascent, then a downhill finish.The second loop will mostly run the first one in reverse, with a few slight modifications. As always, a festive award ceremony and picnic celebration will follow at the adjacent pavilion.

DIRECTIONS: From Knoxville: Take I-75 north to exit 122. Turn right off exit towards Norris. From the top of the exit ramp, go 1.4 miles, then turn left on Hwy 441/Norris Freeway. Go about 4.8 miles, then when you approach the dam, turn right at the Norris State Park cabin/campground. Go up the hill about a quarter of a mile to the 2nd pavilion on your right.

NOTE: 50k has 8 hour time limit and 25k has a 3¾ hour limit. Also, 50k runners must complete the 25k in 3½ hours to continue.

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The Trail That Can't Be Concord
December 6, 2014

Jerry Monroe - race director

This trail system off Northshore Drive out near Farragut is largely unknown to the tens of thousands who live within minutes of its trailheads. Solely single-track offerings wind and climb up and down through thick undergrowth beneath a dense tree canopy along Fort Loudoun Lake. We've run this race many times in the spring and summer but never in December, so this should be interesting.

This year's Trail that Can’t be Concord will be run as a prediction run. No timing devices are allowed on the course, including watches, phones, iPods, friends, relatives, etc. (exception: you can carry a sundial with Race Director approval). At the start of the race each runner will record their predicted finish time with the race support crew. The closest runners to their predicted times win.

NEW for 2014! A one mile Kids Trail Race will precede the adult race. The course will traverse a clockwise "loop" through some of the same trails and offer the youngsters a taste of the fun the grownups will be having thirty minutes later. Only five bucks for so much fun! Kids race will not be a prediction run.

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