•We RunKNOX!•

2015 RunKNOX Summer Session

RunKNOX is a training program aimed at developing a bonded community of runners who achieve personal success through the support of peers and the guidance of experienced coaches. Whether you are attempting to run your 1st marathon, your fastest 5k or your FIRST STEP, RunKNOX will provide you with the knowledge, guidance and support to do so. Through our group practices, social events and free classes/seminars, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of Knoxville’s most experienced running coaches/mentors and become a part of the RunKNOX Community.

What sets RunKNOX apart? We try to look at the entire motion of the runner, and “fix” problem areas. One way we do this is by incorporating yoga into our weekly routine. Every Thursday night there is a FREE optional YOGA class for all RunKNOX participants. The style of yoga we encourage is one for runners, focused on hips, low back, hamstrings and entire core stability. Another way is tailoring workout to challenge, yet encourage you to push past previous limits. While you train for your specific goal race, RunKNOX encourages you to enter and run other great races along the way. Get out and enjoy the companionship of other runners.

Name: M.O.V.E. – U.P.
Motivation, Opportunity, Vision, Excel – Uplifting Progression


The six-week program is designed for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced athletes. Each participant can benefit from RunKNOX. Along with one on one coaching from me, participants will experienced runner and coach Ray Wilson to ask for advice and insights on training. Participants will participate in KTC sponsored races throughout the summer and this short session will emphasize speed over distance while building endurance levels.

Participants will meet as a group 3 times per week. Two of those sessions will start from Tennessee Sports Medicine Group offices while Saturday runs will meet at various locations so that participants can explore new routes. Optional yoga classes and core sessions built into regular session will build a better total, well-rounded runner and this is how RunKNOX sets itself apart from other programs.

• Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm
• Thursday evening 5:45am option or 6:00 pm for optional yoga/core circuit
• Saturday morning at 7:30am - long run – meet at various locations

In addition to these official meeting times, each participate will receive weekly schedules, and nutritional tips, stretching, and more.


June 9 - Six week program

• Participants are strongly encouraged to run several races along the way. Target races included the Pilot Fireball Moonlite Classic 5K on July 3rd or the Carter Mill 10k July 18th.
• New Balance Knoxville Summer Solstice 7K at Oakes Farm – optional event.


Tennessee Sports Medicine Group/Cherokee Mills Fitness Center
2260 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville, TN


$65 for non-KTC members
$55 for KTC members

RunKnox Program Director/Head Coach: Luke Pfleger

Luke is a native of Knoxville, and is currently working as an FSR (Financial Services Representative) for First Tennessee Bank. After graduating high school, he went to Middle Tennessee State, where he ran cross-country and track. In track, he ran 1:58 in the 800m his junior year. After back surgery in 2007, Luke graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and Coaching. He currently holds his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, implementing training plans for athletes of all background. Luke's passion is in the running community and has worked closely with RunKNOX since it began. His knowledge and coaching experience make him an excellent instructor as well as motivator.

RunKnox Assistant Coach: Ray Wilson

Ray is an excellent motivator and is a really good asset to the RunKNOX group. He will push you and stay positive with you continuously. He is very knowledgeable in the running field and has a lot of advice will to share to make you a better runner.