Regal Entertainment Group Knoxville Turkey Trot and Little Gobbler Run

NOVEMBER 23, 2017 • 8:30 am


Regal Entertainment Group Knoxville Turkey Trot and Little Gobbler Run

KTC's traditional Thanksgiving festivity, the Regal Entertainment Group Knoxville Turkey Trot 5k and Little Gobbler Run, are unsurpassed ways to start your Thanksgiving Day.

• The course will start on Depot
• Turn left onto Gay St
• Turn right onto Main St
• Turn left onto Henley St
• Turn left onto Blount Ave
• Turn left onto Gay St
• Turn right onto W Magnolia Ave
• Turn right onto Ogden
• Turn right onto Depot
• Back to start/finish line, offering a terrific way to see the town and enjoy the competition on this wonderful family-oriented holiday.

The Little Gobbler Run will start at 8 am, while the 5k race starts at 8:30.

This is a great Thanksgiving tradition for Knoxville and we encourage you to bring the family and join the fun before you sit down to your turkey dinner and give thanks for your blessings.


Averages: High 56 Low 38.
We've had some frosty mornings for this race over the years, but dress sensibly. Don't pile on layers of heavy duds; observe the 20-degree rule and you'll be comfy throughout the race.

KTC Safety Policy: KTC's mission is to encourage lifelong physical well-being through running and walking. That is accomplished through a variety of events and programming.

The Knoxville Track Club puts the safety of its participants, spectators, staff and volunteers first. Dangerous weather conditions pose a unique challenge to an event of any size, distance or location.

Therefore, KTC has adopted the following Inclement Weather Policy:

Weather forecasts will be monitored prior to the event, with special attention placed on the possibility of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, high winds, extreme temperatures and humidity. If necessary, athletes will be made aware of these conditions on Knoxville Track Club’s website (, as well as through other available means of communication such as e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and public address announcements.

The Executive Director and Race Director in consultation, when available, with law enforcement, fire/EMS, other medical officers and other officials, will monitor the weather and make a decision if any action will be taken to modify the race. Possible changes include: Altering the start time, altering the course, or in extreme situations cancellation of the event. Visible lightning occurring within 30 minutes of the scheduled start will cause the race to be postponed for a minimum of 30 minutes. Additional sightings will continue to delay the race in 30-minute increments up to a maximum of 3 delays.

Race personnel reserve the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race or modify the course due to inclement weather. As stated on registration and race pages, there are no refunds or transfers. Participants must abandon the race if ordered to do so by the race personnel, medical staff, fire/paramedics or police personnel.