Whitestone 30k
Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amid the pastoral splendor of Roane County, the annual Whitestone 30k was contested by the battle-hardened warriors of the Knoxville Track Club.
About four miles into the race, Stew Ellington appeared over the hill, in the lead, as usual.
He went on to demolish the course record, as well as the Tennessee State record for 30k, in claiming his third straight victory in the KTC Winter Long Distance Series.
Jason Altman, well on the way to full recovery from a debilitating injury that curtailed his 2008 racing season, blazed his way to second place overall.
Daniel Julian (right), who earned third place honors in the 30k race, poses with second place finisher Altman and race director Bobby Holcombe.

Masters ace Jon Lawler was awarded top prize for forty and over.

Malcolm Oliver was top veterans runner, as he tunes up for the upcoming Boston Marathon.
Kathy Wolski overcame the hilly course to take the top spot in the women's division.
Kathy is joined by Jennifer Vance and Summer Robinson, who were second and third place overall females. The tall guy on the right was a DNS.
Doris Windsand-Dausman ran fastest of the women's masters division.
Sally Evenden (right) earned the women's grandmasters title.


The long and winding road seemed to stretch interminably on into the distance, but eventually all the weary runners made their way to their appointed finish lines.

A resplendent feast appeared after the race, the copious quantities of food and drink never seeming to diminish, as hungry runners went back for seconds and thirds.
The true heroes of the day, however, were the valiant volunteers, who battled freezing temperatures, biting winds, and spitting snow pellets, standing atop the windswept knoll at the finish line, at water stops, and at relay points, ensuring the runners would have a safe (if not entirely sane) passage through the wilderness.

The only ones not thoroughly impressed were the members of the Charolais herd near the four mile mark. In fact, to show its disdain for the human runners, one calf was seen struggling up onto two feet and jogging for a few steps, as if to say, "That ain't so hard!"

See you at the culminating event of the Winter Series, the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon and Half Marathon on March 29, 2009.


photos, webpage layout, and text by Michael deLisle