Panther Creek Trail Race
Saturday, June 2, 2007

Race director Don Madgett gives last minute instructions for the runners prepared for the annual tryst with the trails of Panther Creek State Park.
Race officials Herb Gengler, Elijah Shekinah, and Jerry Schohl are ready to go.
As the gun sounds, the pack sprints away through the early morning haze.
Several youngsters flash to the front for their brief moment of glory.
The real fast guys lurked just behind the kids, knowing exactly what five miles on these trails will portend.
The short stretch of roadwork gets the runners ready for the real work to come.
Some time later, Daniel Julian bursts from the woods to claim his third straight Panther Creek championship.
Tom Dever pushed hard and claimed second place overall.
Barry Lucas was fifth overall and first masters.
Bob Barber took the grandmasters title.
Taylor Poling was first female.
Andee Cranford finished second among the women.
Jennifer Brigati was third.
Sally Evenden was awarded overall female masters.
First Grandmasters female was Liza Graves
Rookie Race Director Donnie Madgett is all smiles after the race.
Postrace time was merry for all.
Food and drinks were plentiful.
Join us for our next race, either as a runner or as a volunteer.  Either way, you'll have a blast!

Photos by Donnie Madgett, Melissa Madgett, and Wilson Smyth

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