Carter Mill 7-Miler
Saturday, July 7, 2007

On a steamy Saturday morning, runners prepared for the annual Carter Mill race.
Race officials made last minute preparations for the highly competitive event.
Most of the fastest runners in East Tennessee toed the line.
And they're off!
The pace was fast from the outset as top runners representing the best three teams in the  area shot to the front, along with several outstanding collegiate and high school runners.
The big crowd streamed past.
It was one of the biggest turnouts in Carter Mill race history.
Almost two hundred runners swept over the first hill, en route to seven miles on 7/7/07.
Seven hilly miles later, a wave of yellow crested, as Eric Bell, Patrick Gildea, and Chad Newton went 1-2-3.
Runners Market's Tim Kelly was fourth overall.
Bobby Holcombe, who's won this race several times, was fifth this year.
Eric Vandervort was first in the masters division.
Jeff Colfer was top grandmasters runner.
Bob Barber was first place in the veterans category.
Marsha Morton won a tightly contested race in the women's division.
Allison Pastorek finished second, just fourteen seconds back.
Eighteen-year old Tara Gietena was only three seconds behind Pastorek to claim third.
Sally Evenden was best masters female.
Kristin Baksa, proud mother of speedster Andy Baksa, emerged from semi-racing retirement to earn first place grandmasters honors.
And the old mill wheel, though no longer spinning, looks after Carter Community Park for another year, awaiting the return of the 200 for next year's race.

photos by Pete Garza
webpage layout by Michael deLisle