Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon
Half Marathon / 5K / Cariten Kids Run
Sunday March 26 2006

As the first rays of sunshine peeked above the Knoxville skyline, everyone was ready for the second annual running of the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.
Runners started to gather before the first pink glow of dawn began to illuminate the city streets.
Tensions ran high as the start approached.
The sound of the starter's pistol cracked through the air.
The runners burst into motion.
The fastest runners sprinted to the front, despite the many grueling miles to go.
Thousands of runners streamed through the streets of Knoxville.
Wave upon wave moved away from the starting line.
The low sun lit the way for the contestants.
The huge throng worked its way up the first of many hills.
Soon they streamed down Cherokee Boulevard along Fort Loudoun Lake.
They passed under the green eaves along the Third Creek Greenway
White blossoms graced their way through the Fort Sanders neighborhood.
Then the marathoners went on their lonely way, running through the cheering crowds of North Knoxville and East Knoxville, soon to pass over the Tennessee River on the South Knoxville Bridge.
Many many long steps later, the valiant marathoners found their way to Neyland Stadium, crossing the fifty yard line of that hallowed venue, consumnating their quest to complete the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon for 2006.
Last year's fifth place finisher, James Mutuse of Kenya, battled through to emerge victorious this year.
Runners Market masters ace Allen Etheridge raced strong and hard to claim the runner-up position.
Eric Vandervort of EBS Team Racing was fifth overall.
Andee Cranford (the former Punky Swann) of Morristown was the overall women's winner of the marathon.
Mary Snipes of Franklin TN and Erica Tedford of Maryville gave strong pursuit to Cranford and finished 2-3.
In the half marathon, Bill "Special K" Kabasenche outkicked two rivals to finish third overall.
KTC's Tere Stouffer was the top female half marathoner, dominating the race by over four minutes over the runner-up.
Jason Beil won the Cariten Kid's Run.
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam (yellow cap) once again competed well in the half marathon.
The exhaustion and pride on the faces of the finishers were testament to the great efforts put forth by all the worthy competitors on this grand day.
And, as the day drew to a close, the waters of the Tennessee River continued to flow southward, oblivious to the struggles and triumphs of the marathoners.
But the illustrious city of Knoxville stands ready to welcome the marathoners once again, a year from now, as the first blush of spring makes its presence known, and the third annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon once again sends thousands of runners through the streets of the city.

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