Summer Solstice Brew-Ha 8K
Saturday June 17 2006

An ace crew of KTC volunteers were ready to keep order at the annual Summer Solstice Brew-Ha 8K held at the Mill House Restaurant in Walland.
A lot of fast and thirsty runners show up for this race every year, and 2006 was no exception.
Eric Bell smashed the course record.
Johanna Siemon returned from Alabama to win the race for the second time.
The postrace gathering was splendid as was the food and drink.
Unfortunately a grizzled biker showed up to mooch some free beer.
This really happened (but not this year.)
The two most popular gents at the shindig get ready to pour another one.  Speaking of another one, don't miss next year's Summer Solstice Brew-Ha 8K.