Summer Solstice 8K
Saturday June 18 2005

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It was a splendid afternoon and evening on the spacious lawn adjacent to the Mill House Restaurant in Walland as the KTC faithful and their families gathered for the annual Summer Solstice 8K.
Diane Scarbrough was on hand displaying and selling the great variety of KTC apparel.
As the retort from the starter's pistol resounded through the Little River Valley, the leaders flashed into motion.
Eventual top two Greg Johnson (white singlet) and Jeff French (far left) led the speedsters down the steep narrow driveway.
They were followed closely by a host of bold road racers eager to test themselves against the hills and valleys of Cold Springs Road.
A record crowd streamed out onto the old Walland Highway for the short straightaway leading to the shaded hilly race course.
As they faded into the distance the only sounds were of their footsteps and a few pesky sweat bees circling around lazily.
Greg Johnson built up a big lead by the halfway turnaround and extended it to take the overall victory.
Jeff French powered to a second place overall finish.
Patricia Williams (sunglasses, left) made a strong move and passed a slew of people to take the women's overall title, finishing seventh overall.
Marsha Morton, a tad tired from a two hour training run earlier in the day, finished in second place in the female division.
Speedy youngster Bob Barber, at age 59, took the overall masters crown.
Felon Wilson, race director of the upcoming Pilot Fireball Classic, was the top grandmasters racer.
Bob Cunningham took the veterans victory.
Anne Wahlert ran so fast she outran her last name and finished as masters winner Anne Victoria.
Salle Evenden celebrated recovering her sunglasses by taking the grandmasters title.
Pat Denton had the best time of all the women 60 and over.
Jay "Chili Pepper" Wilson was the fastest Clydesdale runner.
Sarah Brede (blue Haw Ridge T-shirt) was the top Athena road racer.
Vera McGill of Kingsport was 6th overall female.
All in all, everyone had a successful time beating the sunny summertime heat under the shady canopy of Cold Springs Road.  We hope everyone has a wonderful summer and will plan to race the Pilot Fireball Classic and all the wonderful Knoxville Track Club races for the rest of the year.

photos by Michael deLisle and Mike Schoenberger