New Year's Day 5K
Saturday, January 1, 2005

An unbelievably gorgeous morning awaited the more than 400 runners who gathered for the annual New Year's Day 5K on Neyland Drive in Knoxville.
A lot of training had gone into preparation for the New Year's Day race.
Race Director Eddie Reymond addresses the big crowd as the starter's pistol awaits.
Eight hundred running shoes begin the out and back sojourn atop the blacktop of Neyland Drive. 
Just over sixteen minutes later, Webb School star Andrew Press streaked across the finish line.  (Well, actually, he wore shorts.)
Clinton's Eric Vandervort was second overall.
Former Powell HS state champion Jamie Dinkins was the overall women's champ.

The surprising weather had folks dressed in every conceivable combination of apparel.

Everyone gave a great effort.

A terrific group of KTC volunteers made for an outstanding event.
And, as everyone finished the 5K, they also look forward to starting a great 2005.

not many photos by Michael "Don't Forget to Charge the Battery" deLisle