Guns'n'Hoses 5K
Saturday September 10 2005

As the sun slowly ascends into the September sky, many hundreds of East Tennessee's best runners assembled on the banks of the Tennessee River for the Guns'n'Hoses 5K, the Knoxville Track Club's annual tribute to those who perished in the World Trade Center bombing and to the brave women and men of the Knoxville Police Department and Knoxville Fire Department.
From above, the gathering throng prepares by talking, stretching or simply waiting.
Race Director Ed Leaver led the group in a challengingly high key on the national anthem.
Assistant Chief Mark Foulks of the Knoxville Fire Department addressed the crowd.
He was followed by a Lieutenant from the Knoxville Police Department.
A lot of racing flats were readied for the 5K push.
Matthew Porterfield took off first and returned in an incredible time less than thirteen minutes later.
The gun sounded moments later and the field exploded into action.
A big crowd hurried off up Neyland Drive.
Runners of all speeds were on hand.
Soon the multitude faded off under the Henley Street bridge.
Soon Alan Horton returned to claim the victory.
Bill "Special K" Kabasenche was right behind Alan.
Bobby Holcombe completed the 1-2-3 sweep for Team Runners Market.
Top female Jasmin Keller also wore the red and white.
Eliud Khisa was fourth overall and first masters.
Team Runners Market took the top spot at the first race of the 2005-2006 KTC Grand Prix.
The Guns'n'Hoses race finished next to the railroad tracks upon which sat the steam engine, "The Three Rivers Rambler."
It was truly a race for both young and old.
The waterfront on a September morning is a very lovely place, especially on the morning of a KTC race.  Please join us next year as we once again honor our friends in the police and fire departments.


photos by Michael deLisle and Pete "Won't His Fingers Ever Stop Snapping?" Garza