Summer Solstice Brew-Ha 8K
Saturday, June 21, 2003

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A beautiful rock garden greeted runners at the top of the driveway of the Mill House Restaurant for the Summer Solstice 8K.
Families and friends gathered in droves as one of the most beautiful summer days in recent memory graced East Tennessee.
The gun sounded and 120 hale and hearty runners took off in search of the hills and hollows of Cold Springs Road.
The racers sped off on about the only flat ground in the entire race course.
Eventual winner Burke Pendleton raced by the camera so fast he blurred the shot, leaving the photographer looking at runner-up Bobby Sumpter a moment later.
Dave Ingram was ninth overall and was the masters champion.
Oak Ridge's Jack Castner was first fifty-plusser, giving him the grandmasters crown.
Paul Barrette held his tenuous lead in the Grand Prix with his victory in the veterans division.
Johanna Siemon was the overall female champion of the Brew-Ha Race.
Christine Hames was second woman.
Betty Schohl (551) held off a strong challenge from KTC president Elizabeth Corbett and claimed the women's masters title.
Pat Denton was the best grandmasters woman in the Solstice 8K.
Wendy Williams was the veterans crownholder for today's race.

A delectable feast of barbeque, beans, slaw and tater salad was topped off with banana pudding and plentiful cold beverages, courtesy of Richard and Diana Estes, gracious owners of the Mill House.
Rookie Race Director Larry Brede acquitted himself marvelously, as the race went essentially glitch-free, and everyone had a splendid time.  He even arranged for the delightful weather!
And, as the evening cooled, the runners satiated themselves on good food, drink, music and company.  The Knoxville Track Club would like to invite all participants to return for next year's festivities on the lawn of the magnificent Mill House Restaurant.


photos by Michael deLisle