Carter Mill Splash 10K
Saturday, July 13, 2002

Once again the rain gods toyed with the KTC faithful as rain fell until 7:30 a.m., starting time for the annual Carter Mill 10K.
Though Carter Mill is typically a low-key affair, some tension was evident in the faces of the competitors as they awaited the starter's gun.
Race director Ron Fuller had a few last minutes instructions for the runners.
The pistol shot sent a hundred runners into a blurred frenzy.
The assemblage moved off uphill, trailed by a sheriff's deputy with blue lights flashing.
The finish line crew stood ready for action as the clock announced the impending finish.
Bobby Holcombe, although he was just running the first half of his scheduled twelve mile workout, was first across the line.
Jasmin Keller was first woman and second overall.

At the awards ceremony the biggest round of cheers was heard for Walter Collins, whose recent return to the racing scene has been warmly received by all.
Young Matthew Manis made a big splash in the Carter Community pool after the race.
KTC Vice President Ron Fuller did an excellent job once again directing the Carter Mill event.
We left Carter Mill hoping all the verdant greenery would once again greet us next July as we gather for another fine midsummer get-together.


photos by Michael deLisle