April 21, 2001

Spring came bustin' out all yellow on April 21, as Farris Jordan, piloting his brilliant yellow Corvette, Pat Zyleski, one of the local Bell South Yellow Pages representatives, along with his son, the Yellow Pages mascot, pose for a pre-race picture.
As is often the case, the Knoxville Fire Department sent one of their best units to the race to offer support, as well as the cherry picker to hoist KTC race director Kevin Mahan high in the air to deliver his pre-race remarks.
Anticipating the the gun, over six hundred runners prepare for action, ready to traverse the beautiful 3.1 mile course along Cherokee Boulevard in Sequoyah Hills.
As the crowd begins its journey along the dogwood and azalea lined thoroughfare, competitors like Jace Koelzer (183) fall into a rhythmic cadence, finding the pace at which they can compete.
While the runners are testing themselves along the boulevard, KTC's outstanding race day finish line crew test themselves to ready the finish line for the onslaught of participants just minutes away.
A friendly and cheerful KPD officer, rode the lead motorcycle.  Considering that race winner Bill Kabasenche came within a second of the course record, so, too, did the lead bike.
Female winner Jasmin Keller and third place Patrice Carroll chat after the race with Jay Bachman, winner of the men's 40-44 age group.  They may have been recapitulating how the race went for each of them, or they might have been listening to Patrice's tale of finding out she passed the bar exam just the day before.
As runners recovered from the challenging 5K, a queue formed leading toward the food tent for much deserved refreshment.
Eddie Reymond, owner of Health Shoppe and frequent sponsor of KTC events, discusses health and supplement issues with two race participants, while a midget pulls a table out of Eddie's back.  That must've been painful.
Many hundreds of Best Bagels were consumed by the hungry runners.  Best Bagels is also a frequent contributor to the success of the Knoxville Track Club race calendar.
Family man Jeff Sims poses with his three children, Sierra, Cody and Skylar.  Jeff and his wife Lynn take turns racing and taking care of the kids.  It was Lynn's turn this time, and she ran 21:14 to take 2nd in the 35-39 category, her last race as a sub-masters runner, in anticipation of an upcoming birthday.
Getting faster all the time, grandmasters champ Dorn Kile ran 19:01.  He was just eight seconds from being masters titlist, finishing just behind Patrick Smith of LaFollette.
As the awards ceremony unfolded, the sky followed suit, unleashing a brilliant bath of sunshine for all to enjoy along the banks of the Tennessee River.
Thanks again to Bell South Real Yellow Pages for their sponsorship of the 2001 Dogwood Classic 5K.  It was a perfect day for a delightful event, with a cool start benefitting the racers and a warm morning to assuage the spectators and recovering 5Kers alike. 
Unruffled by all the festivities, a contented robin perches on a fence post near the race site.  Like his neighbors, he was probably relieved that things were winding down.  KTCers now have five weeks left to prepare for the biggest race of the year, the 2001 News-Sentinel EXPO 10,000 / 5000, coming up on May 26.  Don't miss it!

photos by Michael deLisle