Working groups made up of members and board members are dedicated to supporting and improving various aspects of the club.

Executive Committee

Meets when it is inconvenient for the Board of Directors to meet and makes decision in their stead on a given issue.

Members: Brad Adams, Tony Owens, Shannon Hepp, and Will Skelton

Long Distance Committee

Meets several times per year. Sets the road race calendar for the year, determines the award structure for races, volunteers, and Grand Prix. Determines safety guidelines for races and all other issues pertaining to the road races, with recommendations to the Board for approval.

Members: Ethan Coffey (Chair), Keith Gemeinhart, Chris Hayes, Ron McElhaney, Angie Noye, Lindsey Rebert, Scott Schmidt, Ray Wilson, Doug Young

Trails Committee

Sets the schedule of trail races for the year. Committee members are responsible for directing the races. Promote trail running in East Tennessee.

Members: Michael deLisle (Chair), Pete Crowley, Carl Epley, Laura Gearhiser, Chris George, Bobby Glenn, Stephanie Johnson, Andrea Ludwig, Jerry Monroe, Tony Owens, Kathy Smith, Darren Stanford

Marathon Advisory Committee

Members: Jason Altman, Chair, Brad Adams, Troy Rebert, Eddie Reymond, Glenn Richters, Robyn Smith, Doug Young